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 Popular Recipes
Yaourt maison (raib) Homemade yoghurt (raib)
Le gâteau au yaourt Yogurt cake
Flan aux Amandes Almonds flan
Gateau serpent à la pâte d'amandes Cake snake with almonds paste
Dan'up ou Yaourt (fait maison) Dan'up or Yogurt (homemade)
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Ingredients :

- Chicken white or red meat.
- Ongon in the neighborhood.
- 6 clouds of giroffes (Kranfal)
- Nutmeg (Lgouza)
- 1 Tablespoon of Rass Lhanoute or the spices of chawarma
- Oil

 Other income
Pastilla au poulet et amandes

Chicken pastilla and almonds

Feuilletés au poulet

Chicken Laminate

Poulet roti

Roasted chicken

Poulet frites

Fried chicken


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