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 Popular Recipes
Yaourt maison (raib) Homemade yoghurt (raib)
Le gâteau au yaourt Yogurt cake
Flan aux Amandes Almonds flan
Gateau serpent à la pâte d'amandes Cake snake with almonds paste
Dan'up ou Yaourt (fait maison) Dan'up or Yogurt (homemade)
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Baklawa with dried fruit

Baklawa aux fruits sec

Ingredients :

pulp :
- 300g of fine semolina.
- 700g of sieved flour.
- 60g butter.

farce :
- 300 gr. Of almonds
- ground 200 gr. of nuts,
- 300g hazelnut
- 350g sugar
- orange blossom water.
- melted butter with a glass of oil.
- 150g of whole white almonds.
- 1 pack of starch powder.
- 1 litre of sugar syrup.
a - large, round tray with a diameter of 70 cm.

 Other income
Baghrir ou crepes à l'orange (spéciale Aid El Fitr)

Orange baghrir or pancakes (special Aid El Fitr)

Makrout (recette spéciale Aid Al Fitr)

Makrout (special recipe Aid Al Fitr)

Madeleines salees

Salted madeleines

Bahla aux amandes

Bahla with almonds

Baklawa aux fruits sec

Baklawa with dried fruit

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