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 Popular Recipes
Yaourt maison (raib) Homemade yoghurt (raib)
Le gâteau au yaourt Yogurt cake
Flan aux Amandes Almonds flan
Chaussons espagnols Spanish slippers
Gateau serpent à la pâte d'amandes Cake snake with almonds paste
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Moroccan spinach

Les épinards à la marocaine

Ingredients :

- 2 kg of spinach in minced branches
- 1 boot of minced parsley
- 1 chopped coriander boot
- 1 candied lemon cut into cubes
- 3 c.s argan oil
- 500 g fresh epepepinated and crushed tomatoes
- 1/2 c.c sweet pepper
- 1/2 c.c cumin
- 2 cloves of garlic crushed

Madeleines salees

Salted madeleines

Briouats de pomme de terre

Potato briouats

Citron confit à la marocaine (pour tajine)

Lemon confit to Moroccan (for tajine)

Bahla aux amandes

Bahla with almonds